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Wedding Planning Hub

A comprehensive Notion Template that helps couples plan their entire wedding in one place.

I created this for my best friend who was planning her wedding and feeling overwhelmed with all of the tasks and items to keep track of in planning her wedding. This template is a breath of fresh air!


Does this work on the free version of Notion?

Yes! Once you've made the purchase, I will send you a link to duplicate this to your Notion workspace. You can use the free Notion plan. You don't need to be on Notion's paid plans to use it. This means that instead of spending your money on expensive monthly subscriptions, you can purchase this template once and it's yours to benefit from forever!

If I like certain sections of the Wedding Planning Hub a lot, and want to duplicate them into my personal workspace, can I?

Absolutely. Feel free to do what you want with the components of the Wedding Planning Hub within your personal workspace. After all, Notion's ability to hyper-customize workspaces is one of the reasons we love it so much! We just ask that you don't re-sell any parts of the template or create online content using the content that's found in the template word-for-word.

Can I duplicate this dashboard to share with my team or my friends?

If you purchase the template on this page, the license is for individual use only and cannot be shared.

Can you help me further customize my Notion workspace?

Absolutely! We offer hourly private Notion consulting to our customers. If this is something you think you need, explore by clicking this link:

Is there a return policy?

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this product, we are unable to provide returns or refunds.

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💍 Wedding Planning Hub

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